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Quotations are invited for the following items. Please send your quotation in a sealed envelope and drop in the quotation box which is available in the Ground floor of the school. Due date and time of reach of quotation : _25_ Mar 2021 at 11 hours:

Ser No Description of item to be purchased A/U Qty Rate Amount
(a) UVC Disinfection Box-150 Ltr  Nos  01    

Air Sterilizer 

UVC Air Disinfection Machine 60W-1500 Sqft

Nos   02    

Air Purifier

with H1N1 and swine flu filter technology

Nos   02    
       Total Rs.  
       GST %  
    G Total Rs.  
  • Rates quoted by the firms must be valid for three months from the date of signing the quotation.
  • Items to be delivered to the School Complex without any extra charges.
  • Mode of payment: By Cheque
  • Payment will be released on successful completion of the order.